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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Smooth Coat Plaster Remodel - Re-Coat

  • Step 1 - Scrape off any loose plaster and use mesh tape to cover cracks, corners, and holes.
  • Step 2- Use a good bonding agent ( Glue) that can get rolled onto the walls with a paint roller. Mix glue with 50-70% part water.
  • Step 3- Apply a scratch coat of veneer plaster to fill in the wall and make if more flat. Make sure to run your corners with either a tool or angle brush. ( Small paint brush works well )
  • Step 4 - Once scratch coat is dry, go over with another coat. This coat should be as smooth as possible to avoid more work troweling down the surface.
  • Step 5 - Use a plaster mop to trowel down the plaster once it has started to set.
  • Step 6 - Wait 2 weeks for plaster to cure and then paint.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Quick and cost effective brick chimney fix

Instead of tuck pointing your chimney, seal the whole area with stucco. This product can seal the whole area and is more cost effective then tuck pointing. This is a great way to solve a problem especially when it comes time to sell your home and the chimney needs to pass inspection.
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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Thin Coat - Veneer coat

Veneer is a 1/8 inch thick plaster coat applied over existing surfaces to smooth out imperfections or uneven surfaces and make it acceptable for a texture coat. Fiberglass tape is applied to all cracks to prevent further cracking. A coat of concrete bonder is applied to make plaster adhere to existing surface. This is a great system for restoration of old plaster to make it look like new.

Skip Trowel Texture

Skip trowel texture is a desirable base for home owners and painters who are seeking to create a fauve or venetian finish. It has a variety of low and high area surfaces to accommodate the wiping of glazes. It is a one coat system and is very cost effective. Walls can change the mood of a room more dramatically than investing in new furniture or structural changes. Get a new look for hundreds of dollars rather than thousands.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How to give your walls a facelift!

Something every home owner can do to increase the value of your property is to upgrade the look of the walls with re-coat plaster. Whether your walls currently have an un-appealing 70's popcorn texture or you are sick of the old look, re-coat plaster can be a good solution. If you are plastering the walls yourself be sure to apply a bonder to the wall. A bonder can be made by mixing 50 % glue to 50% water. Before the bonder is applied scrap down the walls to remove the old rough texture. All holes, cracks, and gaps must be covered with mesh tape which can be found at most hardware stores. Excalibur or Diamond plaster can be used with a mixture of 1 part plaster to 2 parts water. The plaster will set up faster than you plan so make sure that you start by mixing only half buckets. If possible, purchase silica sand to add to the plaster. The sand gives the plaster texture and makes it easier to apply. Apply the plaster to the walls and ceilings. Start with the ceiling first so that you don’t drip on freshly plastered walls. Once the plaster is fairly set up, take your trowel and smooth out any lines. If you have any questions about re-coat plaster, please leave us feedback.Visit us on Facebook Visit us on Facebook or Plasteringandstucco.com